Every tool carries within it the spirit in which it was created
— Werner Karl Heisenberg

Lifeprints Greeting Cards are the creative love child of travel photography. Through the cards I find a voice to pair my photographers with a caption / quote that completes the story of the image.

Me at Lighthouse Park w Border Small.jpg

Photographs are the canvas on which I express myself - my Soul-Print on the world. Through traveling and taking pictures I have discovered an inner passion that connects me with the outside world in a way I have never felt before. I now see how pictures are not only about the object being observed, but just as much about the observer. Through pictures, I can show the world how I see the world, trying to find the balance of scientist’s scepticism and a poet’s heart.

The camera is objective in what it sees but we aren’t. We choose what we see and take mental or actual photos of places, people and situations.  These choices are a reflection of who we are.  The observer creates an experience with her choices conveying the spirit of that moment as it is experienced, an experience that carries an emotion.  Through photos I can make people feel. I can bring awareness about places, realities and people from one part of the world to another.

Tibetan Buddhism believes that when a prayer is written on a flag, it gets sent out into the world with every flap of the wind carrying its virtues for the world to receive. Creating pictures is my way of sending out my fascination for discovery, awe for spirituality and love of life to the world so that I can reach out and touch the spirit of those willing to receive. This is my prayer, from me to you.

                                                          Sharon Tenenbaum, Vancouver, Canada